ReadyBrush Reviews

Five Stars
“Great to bring in bag for midday brushes” Jackie


Perfect for on the go
“These toothbrushes are perfect for your car, purse, gym bag, office…anywhere. I use them all the time, really great product.” Linda


Added to care package sent to military member overseas
“Added to care package sent to military member overseas. They requested more, as they work perfectly when they are moving from location to location.” Christine Steele


My house guests just love them.
“Perfect to have in case an impromptu guest stays overnight.” Sue


“If you travel, this is great. Toothpaste already in it, use once and throw it away. Also, good to take to work. Easy peasy” Pat Gates


These brushes are amazing. You will not be disappointed
“I first used them at my country club, they were so convenient. I saved the wrapper and looked for them on Amazon. I’ve been buying them since.” Jack


Four stars
“These are just the thing for family and friends visiting and traveling light.” Lincoln Borba


Portable and disposable!
“Perfect to have on the go for Invisalign users! Great taste too.” Stephanie Smith


No telling what germs you will pick up.
“If you forget your toothbrush, this is great! I also put it in a care package for a friend with a scheduled surgery. Do you really want to take your usual toothbrush to a hospital? No telling what germs you will pickup…” Anonymous


Five Stars
“A must for people with braces or retainers.” Anonymous


So very useful!
“My dentist’s office gave me one of these brushes when I went there right after a lunch out. I had told them I was anxious because I hadn’t been able to brush. After this experience, I was delighted to discover I could get these brushes on Amazon. I take theme to trains and planes, if there’s no potable water, sprinkle them with bottled water, and they are ready to use. I give them to overnight guests who have forgotten their toothbrushes. Kids love them too, because of the novelty. I keep one in my pocketbook, along with floss, on day trips extending through a couple of meals.I consider this quite a brilliant invention.” Patty


Five Stars
“Great with plenty of toothpaste with very little water required. Pleasantly surprised.” Lamont


Great Product
“We are in the mobile entertainment business, and these are great for a quick, clean way for fresh breath. Highly recommend this product.” James Knecht


Incredibly Useful
“Already found a use for these. I ordered these as I have friends over all the time for dinner parties and occasionally people spend the night. I have been keeping extra toothbrushes for guests, but I felt like a waste when they would use them once and toss them. When someone told me about a single-use toothbrush, I had to have them.” Deja Joili


“Product came and was exactly what I was looking for. I received the product in a timely manner. Everything was great!” Kimberlie Goodwin


Great product
“Awesome for camping!” Brittany


Convenient and time saving!
“Water and go. We use them on our corporate aircraft. It saves room instead of having toothbrushes AND toothpaste and is also sealed so you know it’s safe to use! I take them when I travel long distances, on commercial flights also!” Jeremy Henrickson


I have been looking for something like this for years
“I found them in a spa with other personal items and just had to order some. Great to travel, a long day away from home, the office…unlimited wonderfulness!!!” Doddy


Great Quality! Will buy again!!!!!!!!
“I LOVE these toothbrushes! I have a chronic illness and spend a lot of time bed bound, and these brushes are perfect to keep beside my bed. I carry a few in my purse if I leave the house, and they would also be perfect for traveling or camping. They are pre-pasted with just the right amount of paste. Simply dip them in water and brush away. It isn’t super foamy, like most toothbrushes so it doesn’t make a mess, but does a very through job. And the bristles are soft, so they don’t hurt your gums like most disposable cheap toothbrushes. I have a few of the small Colgate brushes on hand as well because they are cheaper, but they don’t compare to these. Would highly recommend to anyone who is ill, travels a lot, or just to have in your purse to freshen up. I will definitely be buying more of these!!!!!” Rachel


Can’t live without
“I have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and my teeth HAVE to be clean otherwise I won’t eat… I ALWAYS have some of these in my purse along with floss picks for unexpected stops to eat (I have a separate bag for planned meals out, so I don’t waste these). My great aunt Sue has always given me some of these, but I ran out, so I ordered some. They came in a timely manner which I’m very grateful for. I’ll definitely be back for more! I recommend these 100%” Sarah Hansen


Helps kids brush
“These were PERFECT for my three teenage sons!! They didn’t brush often enough. Their bathroom was a mess: toothpaste tubes opened on counter, toothpaste stuck all over, toothbrushes laying everywhere and who knows how many times they were dropped and reused. UGH. Now, they open a brush, run it under the sink, brush and drop it in the garbage. What an amazing thing!!!!” Barb Vasile


Great for travel
“Easier to use than little tiny disposable brushes, yet still fits easily into purse or bag for travel” Penny Buchko


Ready to travel
“I have used these brushes for years. I travel a great deal and don’t like packing a wet toothbrush. Since you can definitely get more than one use with these brushes (although you need to add toothpaste), I typically use them starting the night before I leave and then again in the next morning. I also keep one in my carry-on bag and my purse. There are other prepasted toothbrushes on the market, but I have found the ReadyBrush to be superior” Anonymous


I love them
“Never go anywhere without them. Excellent product” Gabriela


Great product
“I keep some in my purse at all times!” Deborah Y. Lollar


More Reviews

“The best travel item”
These make traveling very easy. When traveling to Europe or long flights they are nice to have in a carry-on bag, so you can freshen up!
– Kathy H, Minneapolis, MN


If you fly a ton, you know that toting your toothbrush and paste to the mini bathroom is a pain. ReadyBrush is a pre-pasted disposable that will make you say that you wish you had thought of that.
– RLM PR Newsletter


“Don’t Leave Home Without It!”
With ReadyBrush in my purse, I feel confident that my teeth are clean and my breath is fresh. My appearance is critical to my job. By the way, ReadyBrush is also great for airline travel!
– Advertising Wiz, NY, NY


Prepasted toothbrushes are the way to go, and the ReadyBrush is your best bet.
– Justin Glow


Gadling.com“Fantastic item. Incredibly convenient!!!”


What an idea!!! I needed something easy and convenient to travel with and help me get through airport security with no hassles. ReadyBrush is priceless!!!
– Robert, Long Island, NY


ReadyBrush is the best pre-pasted disposable toothbrush on the market today…In fact this toothbrush is so well-made you’ll hate to throw it out – and you don’t have to.
– bookofjoe.com


“There is no substitute for your brushes!”
I am hooked all the way and my mouth stays cleaner. My dentist brags about its condition when I go for a cleaning…they should be available everywhere!
– Robert Petrey
Tehachapi, CA


As a practicing dentist for 34 years, I know the value of good hygiene for all, especially our troops fighting in Iraq. While I was trying to think of a way to help our troops where I could, I came across your product called ReadyBrush. This was a self-contained toothbrush-toothpaste package that could easily be shipped, carried by the troops and effectively used even without the presence of water…My only hope would be that the Military would be made more aware of your product and provide it to the troops at the front…Thanks again and let us pray for a quick return of our troops.”
– Patrick W. Schenk, D.D.S
Former Marine Captain


“PERFECT for airline carry-on use. Ideal for the traveler”
Keep some in your glove box for use during trips. Especially good for air travel. Keep one or two in your carry on while you pack your “regular” brush or toothpaste. You can use the brush during flights or have a backup if your checked baggage doesn’t arrive on time.
– hereistand, Bellevue, NE


Airline travel made easy. I am a frequent traveler for business and do my fair share of entertaining. Before a meeting; after a cocktail or garlic meal; for use on an airplane; this product can’t be beat.
– Z-Man, Bonita Springs, FL


Recently, a friend gave me “ReadyBrushes.” I love them for travel or a quick brush…You have a winner here with me!
– Geraldine, NY


Since I am on the go so much, these brushes fit in with my out and about lifestyle!
– Carole Carl
Bluffton, SC


After brushing, you can keep this toothbrush in your dental arsenal, putting regular toothpaste on it for several more cleanings, as the bristles and handle are very durable.
– Roy Barnes
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