ReadyBrush® is a full-size toothbrush with refreshing mint toothpaste bonded to the soft, end-rounded and polished nylon bristles, so as not to irritate or scratch the gum tissue. The bristles are prepasted with our proprietary formulation of refreshing, mint toothpaste which is made in the USA. Simply wetting the bristles with water or even just saliva will activate the toothpaste as a result of our patented technology.

It’s easy with ReadyBrush® Simply wet, brush and go! Each brush is individually wrapped and hermetically sealed. Only ReadyBrush® offers you the quality of a national brand toothbrush, the convenience of being prepasted and the affordability of disposable pricing, it doesn’t get better than that!

Be sure to keep ReadyBrush in your purse, pocket, knapsack or auto for that “need it now” moment.
Always have a bunch of ReadyBrush on hand at home for unexpected guests, travel, camping, boating, hiking, school and most important to prevent re-infection during cold and flu season!
ReadyBrush can be found at hotels, spas, golf and country clubs, dental offices, gyms, workspaces, law firms and workplaces nationwide. When you need to be your personal best instantly…grab a ReadyBrush!


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